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Technological Development

Technological Development Laboratory

Technological Development Laboratory

AISIN KEIKINZOKU Co., Ltd. established a 'Technological Development Laboratory' in June, 1988 as its base for research and development. The laboratory became the first place in Toyama in 1989, which applied the 'Intellectual Business Location Law.' The company also received the Oyamada Commemoration Prize in 1990, the most prestigious prize awarded by the Japan Institute of Light Metals, as well as the Technological Development Prize by the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity in 1999, with its research achievements being widely recognized in Japan. Today in a trend focusing on environmental issues, we are challenging the infinite possibilities of aluminum in order to make contributions in developing light-weight, safe and environmentally friendly cars. We go one step ahead of other companies in putting our research results to practical use by developing and proposing new aluminum products that are safety-improved and environmentally-friendly to our customers. We are also developing new materials and surface treatment in order to support new products and increase the possibilities of aluminum materials as well as working aggressively on new materials of future development such as an aluminum composite stronger than steel or resin. Thus, we are attempting to become a 'technological development laboratory' which is friendly to the environment, society and employees.

Product verification with 3D printer model

Computer analysis with 3D computer aided engineering

Product development

We are always trying to develop reliable products from the customers' perspective. We make products by promptly foreseeing the constantly changing markets as well as developing products which reflect the customer needs. We are also expanding our field from automobiles to welfare.

<Main product development>

  • Bumper system
  • Cylinder head cover
  • Sliding ramp for welfare vehicles
Product inspection using a three-dimensional measuring instrument

Product inspection
using a three-dimensional
measuring instrument

Strength test

Strength test

Collision test

Collision test

Die Casting Simulation

Die Casting Simulation

Our products are designed from the aspects of both product performance and production process. CAE Simulation and testing are repeatedly conducted to make further improvement in quality and productivity.

Material development

We carry out alloy design as well as new product and surface treatment development in order to improve 'strength,' 'cutting performance' and 'abrasion resistance' in aluminum alloys. We are challenging the possibilities of aluminum to make further quality improvements in auto parts.

<Aluminum material development>

  • Improving the strength
  • Improving cutting properties
  • Improving the abrasion resistance
  • Improving design
Tensile strength test

Tensile strength test

Aluminum products that have acquired patents

Aluminum products
that have acquired patents

The aluminum alloys used in our extrusion products are our original patented products. They are high in strength, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Industrial method development

To ensure a stable supply of high quality products, we develop our industrial methods aggressively by approaching every aspect of product design, mold & die construction and production process. AISIN KEIKINZOKU's original industrial methods make up some of the important know-how we possess.

<Main industrial methods>

  • High-precision processing technology
  • Precision extrusion technology
  • High-quality die-cast technology
  • High-cycle die-cast technology
Products of high-quality die-cast technology

Products of high-quality
die-cast technology