Outline of Business


In aluminum die-casting, the molten aluminum is injected into a complex shaped die at high speed and high pressure.
It is a casting method that can mass-produce thin-wall cast products in a short time, which are cast beautifully and are high in dimensional accuracy.

Die-cast products

Main die-cast products

<Engine parts for cars>

  • Cylinder head cover
  • Oil pump
  • Fluid coupling
  • Oil-seal retainer
  • Timing chain cover

<Driving parts for cars>

  • Stator wheel
  • Extension housing
  • Transmission case
  • Clutch housing
  • Transfer adapter
  • Rear cover
  • Valve body

<Steering parts for cars>

  • Sensor housing
  • Warm housing
  • Pinion housing
  • Bulb housing
  • Breakaway bracket
Cylinder head cover

Cylinder head cover

Stator wheel

Stator wheel

Valve body

Valve body

Our production technology guarantees 100% product quality

Under the concept that 'quality is achieved during the production process,' high quality is attained by beginning-to-end consistency from casting to processing and assembly as well as by the 100% guarantee using X-ray checking.