Our aim is to be a reliable company in society and contribute to the harmonization of people with the earth. As a leading aluminum maker, we are making efforts to provide superior products that will satisfy our customers with our material development technology in light-weight and compact products. To be a top global producer with our total technology from raw materials to assembly, we are implementing activities that will improve productivity and profitability with our technology in making quality products based on sound principles relating to safety and the environment and with the philosophy of 'Quality First' and 'Customer First.'

Based on the concept that 'to make products is to develop human resources,' we are strongly promoting human resource development by implementing different levels of training in the company through the human development school 'Ha machi-juku'.

Furthermore, we are enthusiastically promoting QC circle activities. Through these activities, we are trying to develop the infinite abilities, communication skills and creativity of our employees, thus creating a motivating place to work and revitalizing our working environment.

And to fulfill our social responsibility, we will implement compliance management based on the 'AISIN Charter of Corporate Behavior.' We will also make contributions to the local community through volunteer work or support to sports and cultural events.

Your continued support and guidance would be appreciated.


President Ryuji Nakamura