Company Profile

Based on the 'Quality First' philosophy,
we will continue to provide reliable products.

AISIN KEIKINZOKU CO., LTD. was established in February 1970 in Imizu, Toyama (former Shinminato), expecting an increase in the demand for aluminum automotive parts following the trend of motorization progress.

As a manufacturer of aluminum automobile products, AISIN KEIKINZOKU has been providing reliable products under the company philosophy based on 'Quality First.'

'Safety' and 'Environmental Friendliness' are considered to be the key words in the future car industry. Our company has been realizing light-weight and fuel-efficient cars using aluminum materials for auto parts. We provide not only aluminum auto parts but also new technologies and products that incorporate the needs of the markets, customers and time by promptly responding to the constantly changing needs of the market and carrying out unique technological development.

We will continue to provide reliable products to our customers, aiming to be 'a top producer in light-weight aluminum technology.' At the same time, we will carry out various activities as a corporate citizen from social to environmental contributions.

Established February 10, 1970
Company Name AISIN KEIKINZOKU Co.,Ltd.
Address 12-3 Nagonoe, Imizu, Toyama
934-8588 JAPAN
Capital 1.5 Billion yen
Shareholders AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD (51%)
Employees 2,085 (As of April 1, 2018)